Ethan Morgan, dumbest person on earth??

Posted: January 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

hahah my homeboy Ethan was killing it in Stuttgart. Check this story whoch i took from his blogg:

the board is flying out....seconds before the crash

the board is flying out....seconds before the crash

So yeah
you guessed it right, I wanted to wax my board before practice and melted the base because I waxed too hot, but no biggie, just got another board. At the award ceremonies I took the board and thought it would be a cool idea to give that board to a spectator since i wasn’t going to use it anyway. I threw the board into the crowd and then Jon was waiting at the parking lot because we had to take off to Davos, because i had the qualis the next day.
Half an hour on the road, Jon got a call:
“You have to come back NOW to the hospital! You could be sued because you threw a board at someone!”
So Jon being pissed as hell, because it was 10 already and we had a 3 1/2 hour ride ahead of us, we turned around to the hospital and got a bouquet of plastic flowers. The victim’s boyfriend was waiting outside, while his girlfriend was being stitched up on the head because she got knocked out and got a big cut on her head. After an hour of waiting she came out and I appologized to her.
Yeah so now we promised them Air and Style Tickets, and I have to pay their wellness vacation that they missed because of me…
But no sueing going down. So I’m happy…
get well soon anna, sorry…
So yeah then we drove to davos and got there by 4 in the morning, was sketchy to ride the next day… no sleep


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