6 days without shower!! Good times in Sweden!

Posted: December 8, 2010 in Uncategorized

Yeah its been a crazy trip so far… first i tried to fly out of IBK, but my flight got cancelled, so i needed to change it… but i wasnt the only one, Andro and Luca came later on too….then Wojteks trip was fucked up…was like that: had to stay a night in Munich because cancelled flight, then bags didnt arrive, saturday night party, sunday wake up in the drunken zell of the police office in the next town, next day couldnt shoot because he still didnt have his stuff, then monday shooting and got hurt…sucked big time!!! well, sometimes trips go wrong…next one will be better for him i hope!!

so yeah, the crew was Stephan Maurer, Wojtek Pawlusik, Ludwig Leijkner and me, with the filmers and photographer Howzee, Andro and Luca.

Weve been shooting in Falun till today. Got some good shit done. We could sleep at Ludwig Place in a house in the Woods, was fucking siiiick!! like somewhere in nowhere!! Had to make a fire to keep to house war, toilette was outside and shower didnt really exist… so its been 6 days without shower!! Lucky were in Stockholm now and got a Hotel where we could shower!! We will stay here till monday and try to get more stuff done!

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