Stockholm to Trysil

Posted: November 24, 2010 in Uncategorized

So yeah, after i fucked up big time in Stockholm, i went to Trysil to meet up with my homies Peter, Simon, Chris and Alex. Had to go to physio yesterday and today, as i hurted my neck in Stockholm and needed to sort it out. its still sore, but i wanna shoot and well, painkillers and shit, and its all good!
They built a kicker for the “sweet rumble”. i didnt see it yet, but i heard its looking tight!!! wanna shred a good kicker!

the hotel were staying in is sooo fucking siiiick! sick room, pool, bowling and the best, there is this surf thing. Its so much fun! we ate shit all the time, but we were laughing all the time!
today we were scouting around town and built some stuff we gonna shoot tomorrow morning.


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