Didnt really work out…

Posted: April 6, 2010 in Uncategorized

went back to mayrhofen on sunday and had a sick BBQ at jons place!! was awsome!!! just chilling and and have some drinks!! then on monday gary, ethan and me went up to tux, was like the worst weather u can imagine!! couldnt see anything, and sometimes it was snowing upwards..crazy shit!! haha the powder was sick, but super shitty to built the kicker and it took so damn long!
Ok, then today we went up, straight to the kicker, but one f****** idiot rode into the landing and the whole landing avalanched…so there was no snow anymore in the landing..then we were scouting for another spot, were hiking as hell, and just didnt find something, the snow was still siiiick!!

Prendi is riding powder like a reaaal G

Prendi is riding powder like a reaaaly G

then we found this spot, built the kicker, then found out that the speed was abit of an issue because the snow condition changed…and it didnt really work out, so we were trying to change some stuff, but then the cat driver came and gave us shit, because it was 4.30 and the mountain was closed…we tried to stay. but didnt really work out… so yeah…was an awsome day…hiking, building kickers, and then no riding!! oww yeah, and prendis camera broke!! that really sucked!

but yeah, sometimes u have days like that…cant really be good everyday!

chilling at my homie tom now!! peace ooout


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