River Jump Livignio

Posted: February 27, 2010 in Uncategorized

So after i was back home from monday till friday and did lots of physio, i drove to Livignio on friday evening to do the RiverJump…i was invited to semifinals…which was good, so i didnt have to ride the qualifications some days before and could focus on my shoulder.

In training i overshot the kicker with a straight air and did some chicken wings, and my shoulder hurted as hell again, didnt ride the training anymore. Then the contest started, so picked up the wind and they had to delay it for abit…as soon as the wind calmed down we started again. It was abit of a wierd organisation, because the wind and everything lots changed, but the set up was super sick. I fucked up all my runs, which sucks big time…but im just happy that i didnt hurt my shoulder anymore. so yeah, ended up pretty bad.
In the evening was a sweeeeet party…today in the morning a horrible wake up.
Me and Ethan drove to Innsbruck, chilled here the whole day and worked on some stuff.

working on some stuff

working on some stuff

Tomorrow gonna check out Hintertux for some spots…

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