Be careful out there

Posted: February 11, 2010 in Uncategorized

So today at noon we decided we gonna start shooting some stuff tomorrow in Insbrooklyn! So i drove to there today in the afternoon, met Luka and Prendi and searched some spots! Found some sick ones! hopefuly they will work out well!! we`ll see tomorrow!!!

Away from the streets to the Mountains!! A 21 year old guy from switzerland was riding alone, without avalanche Beeper on, nothing!! He got into an avalanche in the afternoon. nobody saw him! in the evening they started to search him, but couldnt go into the avalanche because the risk was to high of other avalanches. so they had to stop searching and wait till the morning! then in the morning they found him!! 17hours under the avalanche! he survived!! Thats like one of a milion or more!! Normaly your chance of surviving is 15% after 45minutes!!

So be careful out there!! always make sure its not dangerous!! and check all the risks, if your not sure, go and ask or call the avalanche center in your area!!!

Have fun, but be safe!!!


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