Time here in Calgary

Posted: February 4, 2010 in Uncategorized

Last week the FIS contest was finish. And there was a party in the „rusty cage“. It was abit far out of town, so we had to take a taxi. Left the hotel at like midnight, then we stood in line for the club and drunk our last beer. At the time we wantd to go in, the bouncer said we cant go in, we tried to stay calm and sort that out. But he was like „no, u drunk beer outside, and in canada your not allowed to drink outside, so u cant go in!!!“ we were like „ok whatever“ so jecksen called this girl he actually never met!!
And she was like „yeah come to my house, there is a homeparty“ so we took a taxi to her house, and when we arrived there, just her and her friend was there, and we were super bummed! Then she took us to a bar where like just super old people were. Then we decided to just go home, was super lame!! But on the way back to the hotel we had the funniest taxi driver!! He was indian and just talked about s** and p***** all the time…was soo funny..specialy because of his akcent!! 😀

UNO Session

UNO Session

On sunday we moved out of the hotel and moved in to house with the austrian and slovenian guys…we all live together fort he canadian open!! Ist definitly fun here, but im looking forward to go home and ride some powder!!!!

Tuesday was the Pipe qualification! I got 13h and Ethan 14th. And they dont know yet how mny they take to semifinals. Yesterday was the slopestyle qualifiction on. They changed the course way compare to the FIS contest.

There are now some rails on top, then a normal kicker, then channel kicker and then another channel kicker. I fucked it up again. So pissed right now, because the training went super good for me. Landed my runs clean and everything! Whatever, so over contests right now. Just wanna go home and ride some Powder and sick kickers in Mayerhofen.

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