Shooting in Arosa

Posted: January 17, 2010 in Uncategorized

So after i chilled the whole week at the Burton european open, (because i had back problems since the Oneill Evolution bail) i went to Arosa to shoot something with Christian Brecheis. We did this tool time thing for Pleasure Mag We were pretty lucky with the weather. But after a while my back started to hurt again, but i just wanted to get this thing done, so i rode with the pain. Anyway, it worked out in the end and im happy i did it.

At the same time the European Open Pipe finals were on in Laax. Pettu won again, as he did in slopestyle the day before, Ilkka – Eemeli Laari got second and iouri got third.
Cilka was rocking the half pipe finals!! I couldnt be there to watch, but everybody was telling me she should of won!! And im pretty sure she should, because i know how good she rides! She got 4th in the end, but yer, the whole judging thing at this BEO was abit wierd anyway!! Like they already screwed Luka at the slopestyle.
But yeah, 4th is sick!! Well done cilka!!! Congratz!!!


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