BEO prequalification day slopestyle

Posted: January 11, 2010 in Uncategorized

So we travelled from Davos to Laax on saturday evening. Moved in at the Hotel Rocks, and man, ist soo good!! So stoked!! We have such a sick shower and steambath in our appartment. And everything is super new, so sick!

Anyway, yesterday was slopestyle pre qualification. I went up and did one training run, then i felt like my back doesnt hold anymore. Like my back, over the hip all down to my knee is not stable. So i decided to not ride the contest and go straight to the doctor to get this thing finaly sorted. I already rode at the Evolution with the pain all the time, but i dont wanna o this again here at the BEO. The doctor said my hip is abit out of balance and the muscels are all like cramped together, so he gave my some syringe in my hip and i have to take painkillers the next days and yer, he said i should be ready again on like wednesday.
So im just chilling here in Laax now and support my homies!! wax their boards and stuff of course…..or maybe not. Luka and Ethan got through the prequalification and are in the qualification on tuesday!! Congratz!!!
Today is half pipe prequalification and im sure Simon, Ethan and Jan are killing it!!! Rock on bros!!!


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