Driving to Bormio and meet up with the crew

Posted: January 3, 2010 in Uncategorized

So happy new year to everybody!!! Hope you all had a good time!!!
Obviously i took a day off on the 1st, but i think everybody did that! Haha

Then on the second i drove to Bormio for a Big Air contest. It was actually just in the evening, and i thought its easy when i leave at like 1pm, because normaly it just takes 2hours. But Cilka came with me and we wanted to go ride in Bormio, so we left in the morning. Lucky, because in the end it took us more than 5hours!! So much traffic!! Anyway, we arrived there checked out the kicker and met Luka and Simon. And yeah, they needed to reshape the kicker, and then kinda the whole kicker fell apart. Contest cancelled! Prizemoney splitted! Everybody left home with 330euros.

Me, Simon and Luka checking out the spot

Me, Simon and Luka checking out the spot

Then Simon and Luka followed me and Cilka home. They stay at my place for the Oneill Evolution, which starts tomorrow. Today we went to shred in Laax abit. Searched for some powder and found some…sometimes!


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