First time in mayerhofen and riding back home

Posted: December 31, 2009 in Uncategorized

So on the 28th i woke up super early in the morning and drove to mayerhofen. Ive never been there and everybody was telling me that the park there is awsome! So i drove there and checked it out!! And it was siiiick!! Super stoked! Even if the park isnt finish yet, they already have some nice kickers! Felt good to ride a kicker again, feels like i didnt ride it for ages! Anyway, its really cool that they have a chairlift just for the park, i was stoked on that! Then in the afternoon i drove to Salzburg and picked up Cilka.

then 29th we actually wanted to go and ride in Laax, but as soon as we left the house, bad weather came up. So we decided to go to my home resort Grüsch Danusa, which is only like 3 minutes away! But i havent been there since aaaaages. There are 3 lifts, so not much to ride. But was still fun to see everything again!


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