Sweden/ Finland update 1.5

Posted: December 20, 2009 in Uncategorized

getting ready for the trip to Helsinki

getting ready for the trip to Helsinki

Prendis and Marcs flight was on friday morning. I drove them to the Airport and we were so stoked to see the sun the first time since were in sweden. Not that it wasnt good weather, we just always slept during the day and worked in the night. Was wierd to see the city finally in daylight, but was worth it, ist really nice. Then at like 11am we started our journey to Helsinki, which is a looooong way!!
6hours drive to Omea, from there we took the ferry to Vasa, which took us about 3 hours and then driving down to Helsinki! We arrived at 6am yesterday in Helsinki, got a hotel room and finally could sleep.
Woke up at 3pm and went to the city and found this wood rail.
Gerben and his friend Cesse started the session first, so Simon and me thought we gonna get some food for everyone…..we got lost in Helsinki for more than 2 hours! In the end we asked a taxi driver if he could drive us back to our spot and we follow him. Worked out 😀
Later on we went to another rail, Gerben already knew. It was a mellow down rail, super easy actually, but i had the worst session ever…just took me ages to land it, anyway got it in the end.
set up the drop in ramp

set up the drop in ramp

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