Sweden update 1.3

Posted: December 17, 2009 in Uncategorized

fixing the whinch

fixing the winch

So last night we wanted to do four spots, which we already shaped during the day. We went to the first spot and just wanted to start. But at the first try the winch broke…super unlucky…but Gerben and Simon found a way to fix it and after a while it worked again!! Thanks to Simon and Gerben!! Hehe
So we did this wallride till like 1am! Got some good shots there, which im really hapy about!! Then we moved on to this rail, which was just 30 meters next to the wallride. But we had to put he droping ramp under a ruff, and because of that we didnt have enough speed. We tried to change everything abit, but still didnt work out.
So we moved on to the next rail, which was the scetchist thing ive ever seen! Haha!! It looks sick on the picture. But Simon, Gerben and me didnt think ist worth it, because its so scetchy and yeah, just didnt feel it. So Marc was the only guy who rode it..but only a couple of trys. Man, his legs were shaking so bad, you totally could see that he is scared as hell.
Marcs scetchy spot

Marcs scetchy spot

But then after some trys we needed to change this whole thing abit, took a while and then at like 5am when we wanted to move on to the next spot, everybody was super tired and cold! Its -15° here!! So we just went back to the hotel and slept.
Today is the last day in sweden. Marc and Prendi are leaving tomorrow in the morning and we are moving on to finland. So today i think we gonna shoot this thing which we didnt do last night, then like a big A-frame rail and i hope a kink wallride, which is my favourite actually!!! We will see

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