Sweden update 1.1

Posted: December 15, 2009 in Uncategorized

First spot

First spot

So last night we did two wood rails. The first one was really short, but was perfect for me to start with, because its kinda the first sereal street rail i did. Was fun to ride though, untill Marc had a really hard bail, he even broked the staires with his ass. Later on i cut my edges in the wood and then Simon aswell. So all 3 of us were abit hurt. Anway, Gerben was killing it!!
Then we moved just down the road, where a longer wood rail was.
We didnt have enough space for the drop-in ramp, so we had to built a small drop-in out of snow. Gerben and Marc started to shoot. (always 2 rider shoot first, and when theyre finish, the other two start to ride). But when Gerben was finish, it was already 4.30am and Simon and me didnt wanna do it anymore, because it was really scetchy, we were tired and everything still hurted from the bail of the other rail.
second spot

second spot

Now we leave Are and drive to Östersund, which is about an hour east from Are. Its a bigger town, so i guess there are more spots to do.


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