Sweden update 1.0

Posted: December 14, 2009 in Uncategorized

Check-in problems

Check-in problems

So after i picked up Simon in Innsbruck on friday, we drove to munich and met our filmer Prendi at the airport…after some arguments with the check in lady, we finally got on the plane, flew to Stockholm and then to Ostersund. We arrived, and everybody was speechless, there was no snow at all!! First we thought its kinda funny, but after a while we couldnt laugh about it anymore, beccause we are here for two weeks, and yeah, without snow ist gonna be kinda difficult. Anyway, we arrived there late and we didnt know how to go to Are. So after some phone calls and talking with taxi drivers, we decided to get a taxi for 130 euros and drive to Are. There we met Mat, Marc and Gerben, ate something at Max and then went to our crip!
Arrived in Ostersund

Arrived in Ostersund

Then on saturday morning we searched some spots to do and sorted out some stuff, like where we`ll go, car, snowforecast and stuff. We just got another car now, A brand new Audi A4! Haha, were always fighting about who can drive!! so we have two cars now, its abit easier. Because there is no snow, we need to get snow from somewhere. We saw a trailer in front of a house, so we asked them if we could borrow it, because we need to transport some snow, they were really kind and gave it to us.

Then we went home, grabed our snowboard stuff, drove to the slope and and shuffled snow in the trailer. We drove to the spot i already saw when we were on the way from Ă–stersund to Are. It was a rail to drop. So we started working at 4pm on saturday. Marc started first to shoot, then later on Simon, and then me. Everything went well, even the owner of the house was stoked and watched us, but then the police came and made us to stopp it, but we just waited till they left and then did some trys more, till another guy came and said he will call the police again if we dont go. So we packed our shit and went to eat something at Subway. Then went to the next spot, which was a wallride. everything looked actually really good and easy, but when we started to do it, we noticed that its a super scetchy inrun. And our whinch started to work wierd, like sometimes it was good, then sometimes it didnt work. Anyway, we tried to make the best out of it. Then at 00.30 we took a break and Mat drove to Max and got some meals, that was our midnight lunch. Everything what we at till now was: Max Burger, Subway and someother Max Burgers. Anyway, we moved on shooting this wallride.
At 5am we went to get some new snow again and changed this wallride to a wallride to bomb drop, which Gerben really liked! Haha

Simon at the spot

Simon at the spot

At 9am we finally were finish, everybody was super tired after working for 17 hours. We drove home, grabed something at the backery and just sleept till 5pm. After some work on the Lap top, we went back to the same spot and changed it again, because we wanted try something.. and man, it worked out. 3 diffrent obstacles on one spot! Sweet!
We were finish at like 3 or 4am, everybody was kinda tired, but Prendi, Gerben and me wanted to do something, so we were driving around with the other in the back sleeping for 2-3 hours and searched some spots for today….found some stuff also, but nothing which is like super banger sick. But at least we got snow now, so we dont have to drive back to the slope all the time and transport snow….haha

me getting some patrol for the generator

me getting some patrol for the generator


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