Pipe and Rails

Posted: December 9, 2009 in Uncategorized

sunset in laax

sunset in laax

So the last few days i`ve been shredding in Laax. Feels good to be there again and hang out with all my friends. i stayed two nights at the Rocks hotel…and maaaan, thats the shiiaaaat!! its really nice…the bad thing is… they`re still working on it and they wake you up at 7 oclock with a loud banging and drilling! so if you wanna go for holidays there now…better search another place! but anyway, back to snowboarding…i was shredding Pipe lately, im not that good, but i had fun. Then in the afternoon i always rode some rails, because ill fly to sweden for a railtrip on friday, so i need to work on my rail skills abit…lucky Ethan is up there aswell, so he can teach me some stuff…hahah
working on my DJ skills

working on my DJ skills


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