Park and Powder

Posted: December 2, 2009 in Uncategorized

After this day yesterday, i didnt think ist gonna be good weather today, buuutttt maaaaaan, it was bluebird as hell!! So sick, so stoked! But it was freezing, like reaaallly freezing, when i wanted to get into my binding, my buckle broke!! So i was like, „man, now i cant even go out of my i had to ride switch on the lift all day long 😀 haha

But anyway…we started to ride this kicker which was the training kicker for the Air&style. But the kicker was abit wierd and nobody actually liked it. But we started to film some stuff in the park,so ther shsould be a movie coming out soon. Then on the way down weh ad some sick powder runs and in the end a super sick pillow line and cliff. Was soo stoked, i didnt ride powder for like one and a half year!!!

Now im finally back home till the 11th. Feels good to be back home for abit.



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