Back from Ljubljana

Posted: November 28, 2009 in Uncategorized

So the last two days ive been in Lj. I really like this city, like its super close to the mountains and the sea isnt far either…guess thats why Mr. P.I.M.P Marko Grilc lives there! On friday we we had some labs on the go-cart, then later on we went and watched a movie at cinema! it was in english!!!! i think its so good that they watch all the movies in english, it helps you alot to learn this language. Then in the evening we went out and enjoyed the night life in LJ! i didnt drink, i just watched all my drunken friends 😀 was so much fun 😀 haha owww yeah..and i went the first time in a club you had to take an elevator to go up!!!! man its sooo sick 😀 you could see over the city 🙂 super nice place!!


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