last day in Dachstein

Posted: November 27, 2009 in Uncategorized

again…nice weather again on thursday!!! Yeaaaaahhhh, luka and me went up super early, but before we grabed a „leberkäse Semmel“ of course… went up and checked the kickers. The landing was still pretty messed up, but everything else was alright so we started to film some stuff, but already after like 3 runs the wind came up, it was got slow and was scetchy to ride. Some other people hurt their knees super bad, so we were like „ok its not worth it.” So we started to just do small stuff. Like we rode the small kicker super near next to each other and bonked our boards together… check the movie…its just small, but there wasnt much to do…

As soon as we stopped riding and we went to the restaurant it got super shit weather…and it suposed to be shit weather the next days…anyway, its good for me to take some days of aswell. Luka and me decided to go to Ljubljana and hang out there till saturday.

I already drove to LJ once, and i knew ist actually an easy way…but the way Luka and me did, was soooo messed up!! Like we got lost all the time! But when i said to Luka „man just turn on the GPS“ he was like „noo man, i know the way“ haha anyway, after some hours we arrived in Lj!

text from Luka whilst driving to LJ

text from Luka whilst driving to LJ


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