One more time Dachstein

Posted: November 25, 2009 in Uncategorized

So yesterday i drove to Schladming to ride with luka some more. On the way i stopped by the Forum office in Innsbrooklyn and checked how jon is working 😀 haha and yeah, he seriously is super busy!!! he deserves a good present for christmas!!! 😉

So Luka and me wanted to film some cereal stuff here!! When we woke up today and checked the weather we were sooo stoked and just wanna go and ride the big kickers and get some stuff down…but when we got up there…the park wasnt shaped…there was fresh snow and it was all f**** up. They shaped it later on, but the big kicker was so scetchy to ride…the landing was the worst landing ive ever seen…there were huge holes in the landing, and when you landed you just jumped away again and again……kinda looked like that…

So we started to ride some boxes…but after two runs we were over it. Then we just did some fs3 over the first kicker..just lots of fs3 with diffrent grabs..and later on we had some fun in the deep BC of Dachstein…haha

check the movie!!!


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