party night in stockholm

Posted: November 22, 2009 in Uncategorized
chilling in the VIP

chilling in the VIP

my head still hurts abit, but it isnt as bad as i thought its gonna be….

first we snaked in to the VIP lounge, got some free beer and champange….got already abit drunk there…then i got two bottles champange for on the way back to the hotel and we had a room party in my room….maaan this place looks kinda f**** up right now, just a walk through the room and your shoes almost stick on the floor!!!! So we drunk some champange and beer in my room, then the italian came and brought some wodka…the party was ooooooooon hahahaha

So we drove with the bus to the party….was actually super chilled out…compare to to the drive was fun, but the drive back to the hotel was even more fun hahahahaha never had a bus drive  like that…so much fun 😀

back in the hotel we got some food….for free of course..haha….i almost couldnt eat it…lost the fork

just woke up now because i got some wierd phone calls from some swedish numbers….wtf happened last night???

trying to eat salad

trying to eat salad

there is a video coming later on….and maybe some party pics 😀


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