Back in Schladming/Dachstein

Posted: November 18, 2009 in Uncategorized


me and luka

me and luka



So after i went home from Schladming on sunday, i wanted to go shred in Val Segnales….but after some phone calls i changed my mind, because some of my friends said its not that good there…anyway, i just wanted to go ride somewhere. Then Elias called me and was like „yooo bro, lets go to Dachstein“ and i was like „aaa f***, i just came from there and its like a 4-5 hour drive“….but yeah, in the end we made the decision to go there, even if its just for 2 days.

So we arrived yesterday and slept at the croatian house. We thought its gonna be good weather today and tomorrow, but when we drove to the station today in the morning and we checked the webcam and it was the worst weather ever. So we just chilled at the station in my car and started to do stupid stuff…like funny games and stuff….finally after 3 hours the sky cleared up and we went up shredding. I met Luka up there and we were riding together. Even if it was super windy, it was still fun though.




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