GPS works out

Posted: November 12, 2009 in Uncategorized

I bought a GPS on monday morning because i hate it to get lost all the time. Then in the afternoon i left for Schladming. Drove over Munich and Salzburg…and never get lost!! Yeah for it!! Hahaha


Finally arrived in Schladming i tried to search something to stay, but everything was closed. Then i found something, but it was pretty messed up…but yeah, at least i didnt have to sleep in my car. When i woke up on tuesday, it was super bad weather and i decided to drive to Ljubljana for some sightseeing and visiting some friends.100_0764

I finally ate some burek, after i heard so much about it…hahaha we walked around in the city, did some sightseeing, shopping, ate  and yeah, im stoked about the city, its nice!!



Then i drove back to schladmng again in the evening and tried to find something to stay again….but didnt get anything but then i could stay with the croatian team!! Thanks buddys!!

We just went to the station before and they said its 60km/h wind and super bad weather again up there….so we didnt go up again 😦 so i just chill, try to sort something out for tonight to stay, grab some food, maybe go to the swimming place…ill see

Peeeeeaaaccceee out


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