from cold Saas Fee to warm Barcelona

Posted: November 9, 2009 in Uncategorized

After such cold days in saas fee i flew on friday from milano to barcelona for a big air competition. I got abit of a fever and didnt feel to well, so i had to take alot of medicine so i felt better and could ride the competition.

It was so warm in barcelona, that really cool, because i came straight from cold saas fee. I was in second heat, which was good so i could stay in bed abit longer and try to sweat my fever out…

I knew ist gonna be a hard competition….just to go through to finals you have to do a 10..

Bild 1

I did fs10 and got 3rd in qualification. Then in finals i didnt land my the 10 anymore and got 7th in the end, which im actually really happy about. Ist my first competiton since my knee operation and it feels good J

But then i couldnt even go out fort he party because i felt super sick again and had fever…so i juts stayed in the hotel and didn see much of barcelona…but what i saw was really nice !

view from my hotel room

view from my hotel room



I think there will be an edit coming out of this trip… i will post it as soon as i get it.


i will drive to schladming today in the afternoon fro the pleaure jam. I think the competiton will be on friday…but i saw some pictures of the park and it looks really good, so i wann aride there for abit.




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