sooo over it!!!

Posted: October 28, 2009 in Uncategorized

Seems like everything goes wrong lately…. first we went to Hintertux on saturday and then sunday we couldnt even ride, then monday was alright but we just rode scetchy and then tuesday and today was way to windy to ride the kickers. Today we bought a liftpass for 30 euors, went up, did one run and came down again because it was sooo shitty. At least we sold our liftpass for 20euros… then the hotelroom bill was way more expensive than we thought…then we left about 12 oclock.



Because i drive alot to IBK, i kinda know all the speed cameras..and were the police stands most the time with their stupid speed guns…anyway….we drove past all the speedcameras and then past the stupid police with the speedguns…30 minutes later there were other policeofficers with another speedgun, just 200m  infront of a speed camera…so they caught me with waaaay to much speed!! fuck that!! so i had to pay that straight away…

fine because of driving to fast

fine because of driving to fast

Then tomorrow is the funeral of my grandmum! She died in the night from monday to tuesday!!! R.I.P!!! i love you grandmum!!

then i think i will drive to Saas fee tomorrow evening! depends how i feel!! i will see!


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