Leaving on saturday for hintertux…so happy i did that…noooot!!

Posted: October 26, 2009 in Uncategorized

I actually wanted to leave on sunday evening, so i could go to Saas fe on friday till sunday and then to Hintertux, but Brocco, Colin and Jecksen wanted to go on saturday. So i decided to go with them.

When we woke up on sunday morning  and checked the weather, i was sooo pissed maaaan!!! Like soooooo pissed!!! It was bad wetaher and we didnt even go ride, just chilled, watched some movies, slept and went to the swiming place. I wished i would of gone to saas fee on friday… whatever…im here now and we had a good day riding, even if everybody rode abit scetchy…was fun!! So i hope the weather will be good tomorrow and we`ll have a sick session!! Then i will see if i stay till wendesday or if i go home tomorrow.. we`ll see!!

Haha and in the end of the day we gave Niki some swiss snus…. 5 minutes later i got this message:



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