Become part of the clastzoo – movie competition

Posted: October 6, 2009 in Uncategorized

Yes, they are hiring. And no, they are not too lazy to look out for new riders on the mountains ourselves. It’s just that they want to give you the chance being a team rider with some of the best rippers out there. The winner becomes part of the 2010 Clast team and gets a whole lot of stuff.

Sweet, isn’t it? But even more important might be that this could be your chance to get noticed in the bulk of young rippers out there and step your feet into the international snowboard world.


How it works
1. upload your snowboard clip on a video community like youtube or vimeo

2. If the clip includes various riders, no problem. Just make sure they notice which one you are.

3. post the clip on the Clast facebook wall

4. share it with your friends. the more votes a clip gets (they like count), the higher are the changes to win

5. get out there and enjoy the first snow

50% Pro-Judging by Clast Teamriders
50% Public-Judging by your friends (we like count for clips posted on the Clast page)

Deadline for submissions and public voting is November 30th 2009.


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