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Posted: October 1, 2009 in Uncategorized

Whats up guys??? hope youre all good and having a good time! Sorry i didnt keep you updated the last week. But i didnt have Internet and was always kinda busy! i was in Saas Fee till friday. Which was super fun, specially riding with Alain again, even if it was just for a day. Then in the afternon i drove to Zürich, which was the biggest f***** nightmare! Normally you have like 2,5 – 3 hours. It took me more than 5 hours after i got lost in the fog, then got lost somewhere near Luzern and noticed i was on the way back and then lots of traffic before Zürich. But yeah, finally arrived at the Freestyle, i went to Jon and we  worked on I never did that and yeah, its wierd, you just have to talk all the time and specially with the freeskiers and FMX it was super difficult because we didnt know any tricks! But whatever!

On Saturday, after i woke up and thought my head will explode we went back to the Freestyle and had a Chillidog eat contest!

kinda hangover

kinda hangover

Me and jon worked on Freescaster again on saturday and Sunday and i think we got better everyday. We were pretty lucky with the weather and it was a sick event! Congrats to Iouri, Christian and Elias!!! Sick bros!!!

Elias got second!!!! Yeah bro!!!

Elias got second!!!! Yeah bro!!!

On Sunday evening i went back to saas fee because i wanted to ride abit more. Was looking forward to ride in Tux this weekend, but i got abit hurt on tuesday. Overshot the last kicker and bruised my ribs. First i thought they were broken, but after and x-ray we saw its all good and i just have to take some day off. Which is actually not really bad, i should have some days off anyway, because i was riding alot lately!

But as soon as i can ride again i wanna go to Tux and ride with Niki and Ethan. Its always fun to ride with them!!!


So yeah, i guess i will be home the next days and might go to the gym or just chill.


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