Jackson Bay

Posted: September 1, 2009 in Uncategorized

Woke up, checked the weather. Shit! Slept an hour longer. Checked the weather! Still shit. So we decided to go to Jackson Bay, which is held at the westcoast. We left Wanaka and it was raining like hell. Sometimes even hail. We were like „fuck, should we even go to the beach? Because if its like that then we cant do much.“ But yer, we were already on the way and dont have much to do anyway in wanaka. After 2 houres drive it suddenly stopped raining and it was sunny! At least then we were lucky. We parked at Jackson Bay and walked through the „jungle“ to the beach. There was a dog at the car park, and he walked with us to the beach. Was like a tour guide!! We chilled at the beach, played with „guidy“ and had some beer. Some people came and told us there is a seal. We tried to go as near as we can. And yeah, check the picture! I think we got pretty close!! First time i saw a seal! Last year i saw a pinguin, this year a seal!! So stoked!!!

me and the seal

me and the seal


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