What a shit day

Posted: August 20, 2009 in Uncategorized
Andri 2nd place NZ open 08

Andri 2nd place NZ open 08

It started actually pretty good. I went to Cardrona, it was sunny and no wind, the Pipe was good and there were no people. But then a friend fall super bad on the coping of the pipe. Later on i fall to much in to the pipe and had a flat landing, which wasnt that good for my knee. ( But its all good now). I stopped riding for today and went to watch the freeski competition to see Andri and Elias. Andri had the last run of the day. He tried to do a switch 1440, came to short and blacked out. The ambulance took him straight to the hospital in clyde, which is about an hour from wanaka. We went home and grabed some stuff for Andri and drove to clyde.

Whe we arrived the, he was still in x-ray. They told us they dont know yet if he broke the top of his spin.

The nurse had to do something with him and we went to eat a kebab. On the way to the restaurant the police stopped me because i drove to fast and i got a fine. Even the kebab wasnt a kebab!! I didnt know what it is, but i was disgusting!



Anyway, was kinda a shit day, but i hope tomorrow is better.

Hope you get better soon, Andri!!!!


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