First days in NZ

Posted: August 5, 2009 in Uncategorized

Once again, its time to go to new zealand. I flew with christian haller to christchurch on the 1st of august. We thought its kinda scetchy to fly these days because of the swine flu, so we bought some facemasks at the airport in Zürich.


From Christchurch we rented a car, picked up Arthur Longo and drove 6 hours to Wanaka, which kinda sucked after such a long flight.

But yeah. We arrived well in wanaka and got an appartment together with Oliver Gittler.


We stay here till the rest of the swiss team arrives and then we have a house with the team.

Yesterday we just chilled back home. Everybody was kinda tired and it was shitty weather anyway. So we grabed some food and watched some movies.

View from our lodge

View from our lodge

When we woke up today in the morning, it was raining and totally shit weather again. But everybody was motivated to ride, so we went up to cardrona. And fuck yeah, it was such good weather up there! We were over the clouds, it was sunny and there was fresh pow. Was such a funny first day riding with my buddys.


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